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So you have an idea now what?

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Do Your Research!

It’s Day two of our journey together! Yesterday you discovered if the idea that’s been burning in your head actually solves a problem. Today we’re going to begin doing research on that very idea! Learn as much as you can about the industry in which your idea will be categorized. Are there other ideas/products similar to yours? What’s the size of the industry? Who will be your target audience? What are the demographics and psychographics of your target audience? Is this idea useful? Will the idea have mass appeal? Those are just some of the questions you want to have an understanding of when working on your idea.

Don’t let this step of RESEARCH overwhelm you! As I mentioned in yesterday’s episode while conducting my initial research for the ShampooMATE I had a casual conversation with some of my girlfriends who were also moms while out on girls night outing. 

They had no clue I had this idea in my head. All they knew is we were a group of moms out enjoying ourselves and conversing about stuff that got on our nerves! This is my INITIAL research. The real detailed research continues over a period of time with delving into many resources.

RESEARCHing your idea doesn’t have to be as stressful as writing a dissertation on “Why the United States Government failed to act promptly in ensuring the country was safe from COVID-19” for your PhD program. RESEARCHing could begin with one of my favorite resources: GOOGLE! As you know google is FREE. You’d be surprised what you could learn from simply putting in a few hours on google. We live in a time where just about everything is posted on social media. Reach out to your favorite platform and begin searching. We see hashtags everywhere; key in a hashtag related to your idea, you may just find something. Magazines, books, articles, podcasts, and libraries are all great places to conduct research as well. 

The point is DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!

That’s it! Today get busy conducting RESEARCH on your idea. Let me know below or in my inbox how it’s working out for you! I’m excited for you.

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