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Does your idea solve a problem?

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

The very first thing you should do is to figure out if your idea solves a problem? You see this is the very reason a person CREATES to solve a problem or a challenge they were faced with. For me it was the challenge we continued to face in our own home during shampoo time with our three daughters. I knew I was not the only mother facing these same challenges. The constant fussing about their neck hurting, about water splashing in their eyes, the wet shirts, my back hurting and on and on. Truth be told shampoo time became a dreaded event for us all. That is; when the idea to solve our own problem was planted. I knew if I solved the problem for us I knew it would indeed solve this very same problems for parents and children all over the world who shampoo their children’s hair the same way we did.

So ask yourself: does your idea SOLVE a problem? If the answer is YES, next ask yourself is this a problem affecting others? Take a mini poll among trusted family and friends to see if they experience the same challenge, or frustration. I did this but just having a casual conversation with a few moms during a girls night out. The conversation was so fluid they never even knew I was probing for feedback on what my nexts steps were going to be with my idea.

There you have it: Day One, Does your idea solve a problem?

Let’s take the time while quarantine to begin thinking about those ideas you’ve had for so long buried under your other DAILY LIFE LIVING and grab a notebook and begin to jot them down. TODAY begins your research for your idea!

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