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It's ACTION APRIL and that means it's time to get ACTIVE!!!

OMG it's the start of a new month and a new quarter not to mention Spring has Sprung. Seems like the year just started. YIKES! Seriously it feels like the first quarter literally flew by. I'm excited!!! There's so much to be said about new beginnings. I started the month with a renewed mindset that it's time for me to begin working on a few things that I have placed on the back burner for awhile. With so many irons in the fire it's easy to allow things to become pushed aside, forgotten, or become dormant. No more. I woke up Saturday, April 2 with ACTION APRIL in my spirit. As I shared it with a friend I said "It's ACTION April and it's about getting ACTIVE."

After making my proclamation and sharing it with her (The Accountability Coach) I began immediately writing down my goals for the month for various areas of my life and business that I want to begin working on. I even filmed myself writing them out while in my office. I later took a screenshot and sent it to her. In true fashion her response was "You did it!!! Now work it!!!" I honestly couldn't do anything but laugh because one I knew that she'd say something slick and two because as she does I knew she'd begin to hold me accountable to that which I said I wanted to accomplish for the month.

Needless to say since then there's been lots of ACTION going on and I've been ACTIVE!!! I'm excited because one of my goals is literally being fulfilled in this very moment with the writing of this blog post. Yup it's time to get this blog going. So be on the look out for more. I've also begun a couple other things on my list that I am so proud of myself for doing. The hardest part is done! I took ACTION and became ACTIVE in pursuing my goals for the month of April. Stay tuned it's going to be an amazing ACTION packed April full of a lot of ACTIVITY.

Now that you know it's ACTION April how will you be ACTIVE? Let me hear from you.

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