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Meet Tracey ReNay

Trust your intuition and success will follow.

wife, mother, sister, serial entrepreneur, inventor, product developer and manufacturer and talk show host


You see, I had to go through that season in order to prepare for this very season, my Triumphant Trailblazing season. I kept hearing and seeing those two words first separately then together, I couldn’t figure out what was going on, what God was trying to tell me. Then in a dream it came to me clear as day: Tracey is Triumphant, Tracey is a Trailblazer, Tracey wears a Crown of Jewels on her head. I woke up from that dream and began to speak that over myself until I began to believe it.


This is when my journey of restoring myself, reclaiming my true authentic self, renewing my mind and body, strengthening my positive attitude, and began to foster healthy, genuine, meaningful relationships with those who love me for me and not some watered down version of me or the version“they” have of me.

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